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Parking A7 Scratch Cards


Parking Scratch off Cards 2.9"x4.2" (A7) are full color printed on 17pt C2S paper, gloss laminated for easy scratch off, with latex scratch surface on the front.
The back is printed in B/W - usually used for general info such as garage opening hours, location, etc... Parking Scratch Off cards will ensure a safe and quick return of your visitors to the vehicle.

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Our parking scratch cards are a great solution foreffective parking services.
Its' an easy and effective way to mark parking spaces in large parking lots; your costumer will scratch off the location of the vehicle for easy orientation back to the car.

You can promote your business by adding coupons and scratch games to the parking scratch cards to enhance you business and your customer’s satisfaction.

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Net size: 4.2"x2.9 (1,270/870px)
File resolution: 300dpi
Extra for cutting bleed: 1/8"
Safe margin for text and inner images: 1/8"
Extra bleed for scratch surface 1/16" from each side of the scratched element.